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Okay, we finished…. well, I only edited and helped with some arguments… I learned a lot though. I didn’t sleep much last night, and I woke up and went to the therapist this morning.

I played for her an electronic percussion composition I recently made on my modular synthesizer.. She didn’t get it I think. Erica liked it, and I really like it…. I’ve listened to it maybe 8 times already. Maybe I’ll post a link too it sometime.

Okay, well I’m at work, I’m tired, I just had lunch, I want to go home and sleep.

Beautiful (aka Erica) went to do her presentation but they ran out of time, so she gets to work on it over the weekend. I’m glad, it’s the kind of thing that will probably benefit from stepping away from it for awhile and coming back to it.

I also want to post a picture of my new synthesizer panel design (the portable one I’ll be moving everything too soon).

Here are my modules:
2*Blacet VCO
1*Blacet EG
1*Blacet/Wiard Miniwave
1*Blacet Time machine
1*Encore Frequency Shifter
1*Metasonix Tube VCF (TM-2)
1*Cynthia/Buchla Quad Lowpas Gates
1*Paia Reverb
2*Synthmodules.com PSIM-1’s
Custom keyboard control system (will be included on the newer portable system)…..

Everything will match when I’m done.


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Okay, today I’m helping my sweetheart edit a presentation…. Afghanistan has an interesting situation and is now run by a cadre of thugs..

Check out:


I finally woke up around 5pm today. (well, I was AWAKE, but not really awake, kind of zombified all day).. haven’t been sleeping well. Am redesigning my modular synthesizer so that it will be more portable (it’s basically a piece of furnature as it is.

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Sunday was phun, made music with evan…. check his jhournal for the details elavnave

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Okay, I’m starting this journal. I hope to be making some more electronic music in the near future and moreover I hope to perform some. I hope to import some real wacko rants into my “Blog” as well, that way I’ll be like every other kid on the block….. I guess mostly I’ll just be sending greets to Evan, perhaps Erica if she ever finds this (and yes, sweetie, this is my first and only online journal….)

I’m also at work right now and I think I want to go home [:-)

’till L8er!

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