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Check out the true story of halloween here.


It’s a real eye opener.


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Kids, please…

Don’t play D&D


Just read every one of that guy’s tracts…

They’re great. As for what he says about Catholics… Maybe he’ll change his mind now that that Ratzinger creep is Pope..

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ce weekend

Last weekend was really nice. I’m finally getting settled into the new place. It’s been three weeks and I’ve been scrounging for almost every object I needed, but now I’m largely unpacked and set up and this weekend things finally got to looking pretty. Boy, it’s taxing this moving thing (note subliminal tie-in to last post).

Also, a friend had a VERY neato birthday party. It was kind of a Kareoke, Beer and Bowling thing… lots of cool people, lots of good times. I hadn’t bowled in about five years, or I should say I’ve bowled about three times in the last decade. The first three frames I bowled a 0, then I started hitting shit like crazy… I did almost the best out of my whole group. The Korean Kareoke place is pretty damned awsome to boot. It reminds me of the Kareoke scene in “Lost in Translation.” Muzakked pop-rock tunes sung by drunken people, in a little booth… nice vibe.

Okaaaaaaaay, well… that about sums it all up, no more blogging until I have more interesting links.

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Did em, handed ’em in… yea, I should be getting a dope check in a little while.

Today’s been an odd day for many reasons. Life’s swell…

okay, I’m not really a blogger, I try hard to be one, but I’m not.

Everyone, check out http://www.briandavidphillips.com he’s a real boy scout of a dog gone good blogger and a fucking hell of an interesting guy.

Going to an old friend’s birthday party tonight, which should actually be AMAZINGLY fun.

Just moved a few weeks ago, I’m still unpacking and setting everything up.. moving sucks for all the reasons you think it sucks, but it’s fun because everything is just automatically fresh and new, it’s like you get a free new life, go directly to Go, get your $200 etc.

Why do we keep blogs?

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