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I was at trivia the other night with a bunch of my friends. We were all drinking and having a dope time. Great way to spend a Tuesday night. If any of my pals reading this live in the ATL, I’d be happy to bring you along, we can always use another head in our game. Actually we have a pretty doggone good record, so you might get to get in on some free beer if we win.

Anyway, on this particular trivia night, I watched one of our teammembers give the other one a back massage. As she was doing it, I felt like I myself was getting abck massage, or something close to feeling this… basically, she was relaxing and the experience was so pleasurable for her that I felt it in my own body. It was not subtle at all. I notice this frequently when I’m around someone getting a back massage, so I like giving them too…

And lately I’m reading Ghandi on nonviolence. It’s a wonderful book. Sometimes a simple pithy quote by him brings me to tears… I feel so peaceful as I read the book. The man’s spirit was/is so pure. The funny thing is that I feel this way even when I don’t exactly ‘get’ what he is saying

The point of all this? Empathy is a many facted part of life, isn’t it?

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Notice how that Holly chick looks like a dyke with a great big capital “D” on her forehead.

The best line in this one is “Get that robe off Samantha. I’ll put the rug over the pentagram.”

Also, check out http://www.chick.com/catalog/books/0122.asp

Apparently this book tells us why the King James version of the bible (translated in 1611) is the only accurate Bible. At long last we get answers to question like, “Can I read the NIV and still be saved?” and, “Is the Spanish Bible, La Biblia de las Americas, corrupted like other modern Bible versions?”

Finally: http://www.chick.com/catalog/books/0170.asp

I like how they say, “[…T]he Authorized King James Version represents not only Christianity’s earliest and most widely used Greek text, but is the easiest version to read according to computer analysis based formulas from the Flesch-Kincaid research firm.”

They also sell books with such steamy titles as, “The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional,” and, “A Woman Rides the Beast.” Unfortunately these are actually about the Roman Catholic Church.

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human nature.

A conversation ensued. I was with my mom and dad at my grandparents
house. The issue of ‘muslims’ came up. My grandfather’s solution
(predictably) was to bomb them all. My response was (predictably)
that the Islamic religion will outlast the U.S. My grandmother
(predictably) started talking about opressed peoples and martyrs
here in the U.S. and how much was sacrificed during WWII. My dad
(predictably) got pissed about my granny being on the verge of
tears, and he (predictably) came up with counterarguments. My
grandfather (predictably) talked more about how “the koran tells the
muslims to crush all the infidels, and islam was spread by the
sword…” I (predictably) said that Christianity was spread through
the Americas by the sword also… I also (predictably) quoted
Ghandi saying that we no longer have a choice between nonviolence
and violence but we have a choice between nonviolence and
nonexistance… Grandfather (predictably) commented about human
nature being to fight….

Then my father (predictably) came up with a ‘stronger’ argument.

Then I did the single unpredictable thing I did. I looked at my dad
and said that we were mirroring exactly what leads to conflict.

Then we sank back into predictability and my grandmother got to
talking about how badly workers were treated in the U.S. in the
30s. I said that I would have killed some of the bosses… when
she said that I’d have to answer to God for that I (predictably) put
my fist down and said I’d do it, I swear to God I would….
Predictably I thought of terrorism and how I felt so controlled in
that argument… how I felt angry and wanted to offend my
grandmother… how helpless I felt to say or do anything, since my
grandparents are so set in their ways (but am I set in mine too? at
25? I can see how predictable the whole thing was! My part as much
as my 90 year old grandfather’s!)

—-How does a situation like this become less predictable? John
tells me I need to model it. I want to see it happen.

Yea, I want to see something happen. I think that’s my trap right
now. John also says that if I try to ‘do’ anything that I create
resistance, but if I just notice what’s there then… (he didn’t
finish the sentence :-).

The Osho Zen Tarot cards say I need to lighten up, I think.


And I feel downright schizophrenic lately. Yes there is peace
beyond peace somewhere inside me, in the observer. There is
something beyond bliss, happiness, strength, and all that… Of
course, the observer, as the zen Buddhists say, is the Buddha. I believe that, I think. But
the observer never speaks Instead these other things speak! I can
slow down my speach and hear my words coming to me, hear them as
they form in my mind (from where?).. I can notice this too, and
change them. And I can see myself playing out so many parts, like
I’m an actor in a play.. Then at the center of the center of the
center I am observing. It’s like I really am two people.


Lev Tolstoy said this and I think it’s true:

“Most men can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, have proudly taught to others, and have woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives.”

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