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First you’re going to need a way to optimize your body. I do excercises for this while practicing, while shooting, and while doing damned near anything these days. Get the spine flexing and working right then everything you do will be better.

At home:

1) Take your gun out and set a quarter on a piece of flat space along the barrel or slide (My revolver has a nice flat top all the way out to the end of the gun). Aim and pull the trigger. Work up some speed with this, but keep the quarter sitting flat on the gun. This will get you fingering your trigger smoothly.

2) Lift your gun whilest looking at a target and point instinctively. Notice how close or how far your are from your target. Make corrections, remember how it feels, put your gun down and draw it and point instinctively again. This gets your muscle memory for shooting quick where you want to aim.

3) Dry fire, whilst concentraing on a target like you’re shooting it. Do it with as little movement of your sight picture as possible, whilest aiming properly (focus on the target, with front sight blurry). More trigger control. Chunk down on your target. Don’t aim for the quarter, aim for the center molecule in the quarter. Instead of keeping your hand from vibrating wildly when it’s tired, keep it hardly vibrating at all. Go smaller with EVERYTHING!

Two nights ago at the range, I cought one gentleman who worked there watching me shoot, and he gave me the respectful nod as he went back to sweeping the bullet casings off the floor. My gun was dirty and I could tell I was shooting better than my bullet holes told, I was steady as a rock actually. Despite my gun’s dirtiness, most of my shots made one ragged hole at ten yards, and most could be covered with my palm at 25.

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