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Why I Don’t post much…

I haven’t been working in front of a computer lately. So there aren’t those “off hours” when I’m still staring at the screen and think, “oh yea, my blog.”

Instead I’m studying for classes that I should have finished a year ago. It’s interestingly harder to study for a test when you’re not in lecture with the professor AND you’ve had 12 months of life to temper the stuff you managed to absorb from the class. Instead of having clear concepts of what I’ll be tested on, I’m just learning EVERYTHING that the old Chinese Masters I’m reading had to say and I’m making sure I comprehend the whole of the research methods textbook.

Finally, I’m getting the ball rolling for the job I’ll take after I graduate. I’ll be an English Instructor at a University in Hunan China. God bless me, I’ll be paid well and well respected and teach 20 hours of classes a week. I should have my contract signed by February. Boo-yah! to all you normies out there.


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I had the privelidge last weekend of spending three days changing my life.

With John’s help, I took shadow scouting to a new level. I learned how to notice one person showing up in another person. It’s a well known fact that when two people walk into a room with each other they both change. Now I am learning to spot these changes specifically. I’ve been able to notice the changes in my own physiology, where I would notice a place and a feeling in my body where another person’s being around me showed up. This is similar but I can notice it in someone else’s physiology now. The process is visual leading to feelings. Also (and this is very useful) I can notice one person showing up in another person’s tonality (with tiny tiny specifics). That is how Indians tracked deer through the woods via the birds chirping, or the crickets. This process is audio leading to feelings.

The neat thing also is that these things show up in other orders too, such as plants, rocks, and the earth. I felt yesterday how the city imprints the trees with its karma, and the trees help to process or carry the karma.

I wanted to post something about all this and also add that I finished the book “the Alchemist.” Comparing my growing experience with Shadow Scouting, the book about Alchemy, and several other
spritual paths I’ve bumped into along the way such as Kaballah and Goetic Evocation, I understand that a huge part of any spiritual path is to understand what Coelho called “the universal language.” It’s one of the Master Keys.

Wuji (on my livejournal friends) aided me in adjusting my standing meditation. I can tell this will yield a lot, but I’m still working up some of the basic muscles to do it for very long. As it is, I get into a “right” stance, and start feeling all sorts of wonderful, and I cannot stay there long.

We also did about three other major things, and maybe a half a dozen minor things… I just don’t feel like writing about them all now :-).

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