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Buying a Computer…

So I went out with Yogini and bought a Laptop computer today.

She wanted one for surfing the net and word processing. She does not comprehend computer stuff. It’s downright silly. In the process of trying to explain every detail to her about the techy stuff the salesmen were saying about the computer (like the difference between USB 1 and 2, and what an Image Disk versus an OS disk can do for you if your computer crashes) I felt absolutely silly.

What a Day.


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A Fantastic Discovery…


If I actually *LOG IN* to Livejournal and *THEN* click on my friends pages then there’s all kinds of nifty entries that my pal’s have made that I wasn’t getting to read.

Who Knew?

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I have to pop on here and say something about Bioenergetics.

It’s fascinating: we all have an amount of a biological “charge” that we can tolerate. When we become overwhelmed our breathing will become collapsed or strained, we’ll get clammy feeling (breaking out into cold sweats), and we’ll notice that we cannot tolerate whatever is happening (at least not very functionally). I’ve been doing simple exercises for about two months, and only regularly for about two *weeks* and have noticed a profound change in the intensity I can tolerate.

I have been surprised by it, but recently I was in a very intense situation that would have definately provoked the above overwhelming-stress responses in my body before. Instead of getting freaked out, I just got really warm feeling, through the core of my body, in my face and in my ears (my face and ears were red, too). I would even say I felt physically comfortable, if wound up… actually I felt enlivened by the entire experience, and instead of any part of me shutting down, I just gradually settled back down to normal over fifteen minutes or so and felt peaceful and nice afterwords.

So, it was a lot more like sex than stress.

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I like the dancing people, the blobs of amorphous video feedback, and the EMS VCS3 (my FAV synthesizer).

All around a cool, Demo-esque video.

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So I have a new synth.

I sold my old fav.

Maybe that was a bad move, but hey, I REALLY dig this new one, and I can make it do what I want much faster. It’s called an Evolver and it only makes four notes, but each note is a FAT synth.

I’ve made about thirty patches in the last three days that all just beg to be used in Post-goth, Post-Psychedellic Post-Ambient Space Twee…..

Drones that sound like Brian Eno is reaching enlightenment as he recieves a transmission from a distant exploding planet. Pads that make me wonder, “where’s the spaceship? The music implies that spaceships are around… BIG spaceships.” Melodic tones that range from West Coast Berkeley Bell sounds to the Flutes and Strings of the year 5099. Basses that signal the cellular division, binary fission in the newly concieved fetuses of the next generation of ETs.

All I can say… I’m having fun.

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Because I like Stance…

I tried shooting my bow at night tonight.

I did really well, and shot for an hour in the cold after class and studying.

Sometimes the floodlight that was illuminating my target would go out, and I still shot just fine, with almost every shot in the dark still hitting the piece of printer paper I could faintly see in the distance..

My stance was good also.

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I made a special trip out to the hay bail today just to stand and shoot arrows at it…

If I can get four days with extra wujifa practice per week on top of my normal practice, which will continue to grow and increase, I should continue making good progress…

My stance was MUCH better while shooting this morning. I kept my weight in the right and nearly the right place in my quads… This whole experience is also pointing out to me how I use my calves. When I am doing Stance I hold a LOT of tension there, relaxing my caleves is a little tricky (I won’t say “Hard” it’s just very novell, because I don’t normally do it, and it can be a little strange). Today I was concentrating on relaxing my calves and my stance became noticibly better, with my weight shifting up into my quads better, with less fighting to get it there. Interesting interesting interesting…

Holding tension is a funny thing to notice. It’s easy for me to notice how I hold tension in my right hand, because the degree to which I do it is a relatively new developement (along with arthritic, carpal tunnell-ish pain sometimes)… So I can pay attention and NOTICE holding my right hand and wrist stiff, deep in the tendons and I can will myself to relax it. My calves on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I’ve been holding tight since I was a little kid, so there’s a sense of something unknown as I concurrently release the tension there and release whatever it is I’m psychologically holding in there.

My shooting was also better this morning. I discovered that it I bring my middle finger to the exact same place on the corner of my lip every single time, my windage accuracy skyrocketed…

Now if I can just get the elevation right.

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