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I have been spending time, money and energy building my keyboards. I have run into more problems getting production started than I ever anticipated, mostly on the woodworking side of things. All my other aspects of production, from the panel production by the CNC mill to the OEM electronics inside and the keys have gone fairly smoothly. I ran some milling proofs at Front Panel Express LLC and they turned out PERFECT so I’ve got more on the way. I actually forgot the MIDI I/O and power input panel on the back of the instrument so I’m engineering that in a CAD program right now… which is slower than the others because I’m having to actually MEASURE BY HAND the OEM electronics I’m mounting in there to make a panel to fit them, a bit on the kludgy side of things but I will just order a proof and go from there, like everything else, lol.

The woodworking: Some trademen friends of mine were supposed to help me, then somebody got a divorce, isn’t living in his old house and cannot help me with routing and miter sawing. I’ve called, three times another guy who is a woodworker friend… hopefully I’ll get to meet with him this weekend or next week.

Ya, know, being an engineer/inventor is the fucking easy part!

All this and a 7 week semester after which I will only have one incomplete class (from my accident, 2005) to make up… so in a week and a half, no more school to worry about…


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I went to my academic Advisor a week ago…

I had signed up for what I believed would be my last several Classes at University… fifteen hours worth in the fall.

She said, “Jonathan, why’d you sign up for all these classes? Once you’re done with summer school and you finish this class from 2005 (when I had my wreck), you’ll be done.”

I said, “Zounds!”

So I made an error and I’m almost done and I didn’t notice it, or the bank made an error in my favor, or I drew a good community chest card or…

Not a moment too soon

Now if I can only get the one other professor to let me make up his class, or somehow get something besides an F for having missed class due to a car accident… then everything will be swell.

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