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Stance is TOUGH

So I walked away from stance for three months due to knee problems.

Getting back into it is hard. I am having to re-tread ground I already covered.

Yet, I believe I am building a much more solid foundation. Instead of my zeal carrying me forward, I am being carried forward by reminding myself of the result I have in mind. And instead of pressing forward with my zeal (like my drunk friends pressed through the cave), I am LEARNING more deeply at every step. I feel I am actually mastering my lower back and beginning to get a hold on my inguinal creases… something I had only a tenuous grasp on before (though I mostly did it right)…

Every session is an excercise of will to make it though my prescribed time.. by the end, though, I’m usually doing good stance and feeling energized. I do some baby steps and side-to-side most nights–and some specific excercises to help improve my gunslinging kung fu. In several months, I’ll be doing silkreeling.

Hezzah for incrementalism!


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Chu Hsi was a genius. Not only did he set about to seperate chi and li (Chi being all the “stuff” and Li being that which gives Chi cohesion) but he systematically tells students how to approach the Li that inheres the entire universe… It’s a little like Socrates theory of forms.

Of course, I don’t know how many of his students ever got that far.

I was reading him today and he was defining function.. He said that the thing had its many parts but the function was found in the doing. I don’t have my book here so I cannot quote it… I’ll come back later and toss some quotes up. Thus far Chu Hsi is my favourite writer in Chinese religiouus studies. I like Taoism on the surface of it, with Lao Tzu being a really good read, but every time I pick up Confucius or most especially Chu Hsi I feel really at home and like their way of thinking..

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