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Hypnoticon this weekend!

Whoo Hoo… will post more after the conf.


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Years ago, John Wingert pointed out that I seldom would go in all the way on anything… I tended to “hedge” my bets a lot.. in other words, my language patterns belied a tendency to not want to pin anything down exactly… I tried to “change” this about myself, and then someone else helped my notice that it can be a good thing too. The fact is, no moment is ever like any other, and as soon as I pin something down exactly, then I am talking about history. So I get to have some neato insights into things…

Lately, I’ve been playing with another one of my so-called “weaknesses.” I can be pretty final if I do not see a worthwhile end coming to something. Once I’ve decided that I believe something won’t have a good payoff, I tend to be completely and totally done with it. On the bad side, I can be fatalistic. This tendency is precisely my opposite of never quite pinning anything down.

In the last couple of days I noticed how this can be a good thing. Over a year ago, it finally allowed me to drop mysticism entirely, which was hugely beneficial for me. Also, It helps me keep my life uncluttered. Every so often I just trash, sell, and give away everything that is not of obvious benefit to me. Also, I eventually gave up trying to learn keyboards and just invented a way to play the keys as a guitarist!


I’ll keep paying attention here for awhile.

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