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Lunar Eclipse.

I believe tonight’s is a penumbral eclipse, as it is not entirely dark.

When my parents gave me the bottle of rare Bushmills Whiskey, the time was quite right. I had a rush of memories, or a culmination of feelings. My dreams had been reminding me of lost passions.

The feeling of college is one of constantly deferring that which is important to me. For a few years I said, to Erica, I believe it was, “I miss acting.” Then I forgot. So many things went like that. I deferred them for awhile until I forgot that I was deferring them.

Luckily, they are not gone entirely. The bottle closed a big loop, with a huge surprise for me, and provided an anchor to a more adventurous me, who took on the world by himself and slept in back rooms of old inns in a foreign country. Who participated in community theater and narry felt a sliver of shyness to perform… reveling rather in the rush of it. Who planned to sleep his way accross other parts, teaching English in Eastern Europe (and I could have back then, I took it for granted that idiot americans would always be able to eek out enough, whilest hanging about in Prague, fucking beautiful Czech girls…). Ahhhh, I deferred this and deferred that.

Then I deferred a few things for a few girls too. Last lunar eclipse I watched was with Erica and Thomas at an apartment I had overextended myself to pay for. I nearly starved to death paying for that place.. and never convinced the woman of whatever it was she wanted to be convinced of. Still, I learned a few valuable lessons.

So now I have a degree, and will go back for another in a little while.

“But what profits a man if he gains the whole world, only to lose his own soul?”


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Bushmills Malt Whiskey

A little long, though balanced nicely with classic roman features.

The well-oaked center jousts with the precision of german automobiles. Rustic sweetness is balanced by the sensation of thousands of tiny gnomes dancing accross your toungue.

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For a year now I have been trying different maneuvers to relax the right side of my neck. The muscles have been tight for years, I don’t know how long.

In just the last two days a strange sensation and relaxation has been flowing accross the right side of my face, my cheek, my jaw, and down into the fine muscles at the top of my neck and finally into my neck itself.

My shoulder will drop a little, then come back up, the new position and relaxation being so foreign. I just keep noticing the little bits as it goes. It feels really nice accross my face.

Toweltwisting helps, and I’m sure the Wujifa I’m doing is contributing too. A month ago I started adding more towel twisting and types of it to what I do every day (a simple bioenergetics excericise). I don’t push too hard, I have heard of people busting blood vessels being uncareful — but then, everything is dangerous and I am ultra careful.

Ahhhh, yes. And the other day I had money stolen from me, LOTS of money, by my bank. I had made a point to stop by the bank each and every day for the last month and double check all my accounts to avoid any fees.. even if I was damned sure I wouldn’t have any. Despite my efforts, and despite the teller assuring me that I was fine, several small transactions put me under zero and I was charged two hundred and ten bucks.

In my situation I think it was natural to be pretty pissed, but I experienced anger as a completely different force than I’ve ever felt it before. Normally in that circumstance I would want to, I don’t know, stab Jesus. However, I just found myself strongly pissed at the bank. No lustful desire to drink the blood of the innocent, no undue anger towards anyone else. Just a plain, healthy, strong, well directed and proportional feeling of anger.

Frankly, I blame the bioenergetics excercises.

But I know the Wujifa is helping me a lot too. 😉

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Long Quest

I studied sociology, originally at least, because I wanted to find an answer to social problems. I thought I would get my sociology degree and be a sex therapist and also find ample scientific proof of how society could be made better.

The sociologists pointed out to me that hunter-gatherer societies were amazingly nice to live in. We had some empiracle examples of them still in the world last century. However, I think this information does not help us much. We prove that it’s great to be hunter gatherers. I have news, humans will never exist in that society again, except in the case of a mega-apocalypse.

The sociologists pointed out that European social democracies are great for their people. Okay, yawn, we’ve all heard enough about that, right? It’s true in some ways, it’s very nice to have medical care and education provided for free, and most of those countries have good standards of living.. I’ve been to a few and would gladly live in most of them.

HOWEVER, I see that most of those countries are becoming more properly capitalist, like Canada has been becoming, and Austrailia too. To the liberals, “Pandora’s box” was opened and we have to whine about the European Social democracies trading away their wonderful lives for hypercapitalist hell… to me, it’s just the wave of how things are going — we live in a capitalist world now… I predict it will become more and more so.

I have been reading Ed Demming, who helped the Japanese car companies go from shit car manufacturers, to world powers that produce very respectable products. He presents a solution, revolving around the principles of managing a business as a system and using long-term management. I like that his solution ultimately creates high quality products, stable jobs, and prosperity for everyone involved. It accomplishes what socialism tries to accomplish via capitalist means.

I think that eventually our nation’s businesses may adopt more long-term management strategies. I also hope that the effective methods of managing an entire system instead of small cells of production within a company finally breaks through American thinking, because it makes sense and works great…

Anyhow, surely some of my Livejournal buddies have opinions on this matter — anybody?

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My parents..

Topped it all.

in 1999 I went to Ireland. I bought a bottle of Whiskey and sent it home in the mail, clearly marked “Irish Whiskey.” I always assumed it had been confiscated (since you can’t sent it via the mail, duh).

Tonight, Mom and dad gave me that bottle of Whiskey. They’d held it a secret all these years… and I have wondered so many times about who confiscated it, if they enjoyed it, or if it was sitting in some government Warehouse somewhere.

Bushmills Millenium Reserve…

Not too many of those bottles floating around nowadays are there?

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