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I had one of those lovely mornings I sometimes enjoy. I began thinking about wonderful times in my life, and anticipating others. I wondered what the future would hold and if sometime in the next few weeks or months my life would improve even more. I started realizing how thankful I am to be very happy. I remembered long lost loves and anticipated new ones.

It hit me unexpectedly as I was looking for the next thing in my life I might anticipate, a moment I might wish to hold onto and savor. I realized that moment was now. I saw a brief glimpse of infinite beauty in that moment, bright as staring into the sun. I simply wept.

Honestly, I’m on my way to Taiwan for at least a year, I’ve fulfilled most of my obligations to my family for a long time to come, I finished one college degree… I spend most of my days surrounded by good people, and realizing goals I’ve had for months or years. My once-lost Wujifa practice is alive again. I have time, destinations, and ways to get there. What more could I ask for?


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Someone should be on the seminar circuit with how to manage multiple social groups and lots of stuff going on. My buddy Craig, the doctor, wants to hang out at some coffee houses, so we’re on for Next Wednesday or Tuesday. My old friends, the group of folks I’ve had roommates with and grown up with, they all want to hang out in my last few weeks in the U.S.A. I have my D&D group, which meets every week (and D&D is a long game :-)… On top of that, *I* like going out and meeting new people. Also, I like building electronic stuff at home (I just got a microcontroller working that I’ve been troubleshooting for a couple of weeks, next I’ll have it controlling a SID chip from a Commodore 64). And I’m packing, cleaning, selling and preparing to move to Taiwan. On top of that, I work 5 days a week, and I mow my grandparent’s 6 acres… I do chemistry experiments (though sadly, one of the main ones I wanted to try, I will probably have to put off for now)…

And every night I do Wujifa, and I plan to do even more, because I *LIKE* it.

I feel like I’m juggling it all pretty well. I am partly keeping a full plate in order to help condition myself to my move to Taiwan. I’ll have new social groups, and the responsability of making new friends, on top of working five days a week and learning a zillion new things about a new culture, town, and job. Every day I’ll do Wujifa, working in my Mo Bu and Shi Li training, as well as the other stuff. I have basically three things to focus on, Qi Kung wise, for a whole year. I’m REALLY looking forward to what kind of developement I’ll be getting!

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I had forgotten how energizing Wujifa gets after awhile…

I’m loving this. I remember some of the most productive months of my life were after about three months of Wujifa standing. What else can I say?

Last night I felt as if the twitchy shaking I get on my outbreaths had settled down. Instead I felt a deeper vibrating. I am not sure if it was me vibrating close to the ground, or if the ground was actually vibrating a bit. The support system of the house is made of a light wood that s rather rigid and vibrates quickly, I think.

Also, I believe I’m getting better at steadying my hands from my inguinal crease. On my inbreaths they want to move down and turn outward from the bottoms of my palms. On my outbreaths they want to move up and turn outward from the top of my palms. I steady them by moving, but I try to do the movement as close to my inguinal creases as possible. I can pull them down (towards my feet) a little easier than I can raise them up (towards the area above my head).. I raise them by letting the inguinal creases and the muscles above them to spread apart and open up.. I do not know if I’m doing it right. I definitely want to get some feedback from Rick next time I come to MI.

Still, it feels GOOD. When I pull my hands down via contracting the muscles around my inguinal creases, upon letting it stretch back out and surrendering to the ground, I get a strong pleasurable sensation. Actually, I may have found another way to let my hands stay in the same place and it involves something more like Shao-lin style counterforce (Like How John W has people bend forward while staying upright). It’s probably not as good as simply closing/contracting th inguinal creases, but I did notice that way of doing it.

Right now I have an afternoon off, and I have to work early tomorrow. My phone is temporarily down and I’ve already made food for everyone at the house. I feel a shower and then some Wujifa coming on. Woop Woop! Let’s here it for quality Kung Fu “me time”, LOL…

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Last night I did some stance. I have not done much lately because of my knees. Mostly I do Wujifa laying down. Sometimes I worry that I am not accomplishing any of the goals of Wujifa, because my lousy knees inhibit my practice. No Side to Side, No Silkreeling, No basic STANDING, No baby steps… Just the laying down practice.

However, last night I was able to stand for maybe 20 minutes. I felt myself strong, functional, and grounded. Even though I had to stop due to my knees beginning to hurt, I was reminded that my practice of Wujifa is valid and productive. I would not have been able to do the quality of stance I did starting from NO recent practice. So I see the laying down cultivates my body in a different way, but it indeed cultivates my body. I am encouraged that I continue to learn and grow with the methods that I can use. I felt like a real brother in the school of cultivation and practice.

I also notice that I’m feeling energized and needing less sleep, one of my FAVOURITE side effects of Wujifa. It’s coming from the laying down stance as surely as from the standing up stance. It seems it takes me three months or so to get into a groove and start noticing some of the little side effects. It felt very difficult to get back to a point where I feel I am making progress after initially getting derailed last year due to my knees. I am thankful for where I am.

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I’ve signed my contract.

I’ll be In Taiwan on the 13th of August.

A week of extra training, finding an apartment and getting settled in.

I’m totally juiced!

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Wujifa Question…

How does “Relaxed is Not Limp” relate to my neck in laying down Wujifa?


How is my neck supposed to work in laying down Wujifa?

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My Kinda Synth Guy

This guy made the famous Andromeda Strain 1971 Soundtrack. One of my first forays into renting shit just to listen to the synthesized soundtrack..

Here’s some of his homebrew science-like synths…



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