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My unique sales proposition is evolving into a manifesto for the
revolution I always wanted. I realized my life had been about
expressing myself truly, and helping others to do the same.

I learned that the “others” whom I help are on the outskirts. I’m the
teacher that always spends a little extra time finding out what those
underdogs need to thrive. Not just get by, but THRIVE. I had another
little girl, Emily. I taught her and her brother today. When my
classes got observed, the boss said there wasn’t much I could do about
that one because Emily just didn’t want to be there and seemed

I spent a lot of time over the last month calibrating when Emily
brightens up, smiles, opens herself and jumps in to play with everyone

Last week, for the first time, she came in to class talking and
smiling.. She knew she was safe and would be nurtured. I’m willing
to do that for all my students, or for clients… Really I’m willing
to help anyone in that way who wants to be in proximity to me for

Today she rocked it, answering questions and having fun. Her quiet
brother jumped in as well.

After noticing all this I radically reformatted and rewrote my product
because it no longer fit. I realized that I was looking for a way to express
something I’ve been trying to give to people since long before I
started studying sociology, back when I was the bad kid in school and
my teachers could only ever say one good thing about me. I was

I know what my agenda is now. I started literally ignoring everybody
and writing everything like a revolutionary.

Nike made commercials that were meant to incite, inspire, and cause a
revolution. Their shoes were an object pointing to group
membership for awhile, and a physical declaration of individual sovereignty
for the owner of those shoes in the way that some folks buy a bentley to
honestly declare their sovereignty. We can criticize that as
brainwashed commercialism, or I have decided that I respect that Nike
gave their consumers a language of action with which to declare
something that was burning deep inside of themselves!

Go Nike. And now I’m starting a revolution, selling individual
sovereignty to those people that I’m marketing too. I’m selling
options and freedom to men and women that feel like my products
give them words they feel comfortable declaring their freedom with.

I’m giving them principles to live by that freedom, and hopefully to become
better people.


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