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So what’s the bottom line? When I trace out an ever expanding list of “why”s for myself….

I come to an eventual gaping “I don’t know” …

And with all that’s at stake, I’m not so comfortable with that..

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Wujifa Update.

I know I haven’t posted here in a very long time. I just wanted to let everyone know where I was at with my Wujifa practice. I’m working back into a normal practice, doing stance a few times a week and casually working on sinking my weight through my quads as I walk…

I know I’m not really doing it right, or even necessarily all that great, but I still think I’m getting some very cool Benefits from it. Like in the last week I have noticed my body is a lot more stable when I need to take medicine. It used to be caffeine would always blow my mind. Somehow, lately, I’m just not getting to edged out by anything I take… or even my occasional low blood sugar feels more tolerable.,,

Mostly I wanted to post and say Wujifa really helped me zone in during the LSAT. I had been pretesting very high… but doing the side to side practice and standing, along with “listening behind” really put me in a clear minded good mood for the big test. I sat down and focused and blew through it. I even caught a couple of definite mistakes on some of those VERY HARD level questions they put in there, so that probably boosted my score by at least those two points. I had a lot of time at the end of every section to thoroughly check my work on the hard problems. I believe I did well, but I won’t know until January.

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