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wonder showzen….

I had a rare opportunity to purchase seasen two of wonder showzen today. I did it with a gift card….

I reccomend some wondershowzen to anyone.

Clarence gives us some very compelling T.V.


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So I started trying to detox myself three days ago…

the idea was to do it in a gentle way so I remain functional and able to take care of my obligations…

Thwo days of very little food, mostly vegetable juices, and kicking it off the day before with light food (broiled fish) at lunch and then nothing but water then a big slurry of veggies with fiber to kick it off…

took something to clense the blood (simple veggie)

and other stuff to live on (more veggie juice)…

then I started feeling like shit…

So today I went back to eating normal..

I’ll try to do the blood clenser again next week and maybe ease back into the veggie juice diet, try to find an equilibrium where it helps my body clense itself and also I remain functional — for one thing I think I should up the frequency and lower the amounts on the veg juices slightly. Maybe I’ll find something to remove the heavy metels from all the fish I eat.

My skin is “burning” a bit, I feel sick… so far, thumbs down on the detoxification… will continue to post as this is interesting.

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